Libera Group

In today's world the array of procurement strategies that are available to Oil and Gas Operators has increased. This increase often leads to complicating analysis of the procurement function, however, this also brings new opportunities for procurement to become more innovative when mitigating associated risks. It is here that traditional relationships between the suppliers and Oil and Gas Operators are now becoming more transparent with information sharing. Procurement expectations have changed somewhat over the last 30yrs as Oil and gas operators focus on reducing upfront costs to achieve full lifecycle cost management. Libera's procurement team is experienced in the supply and procurement of equipment and materials for all upstream related projects whether that be on or offshore. We have an extensive network of suppliers that have been monitored with Key Performance Indicators to ensure continuous quality. Our key procurement services include the following.

Due to Libera's vast network we are able to source and supply the following equipment.

Drilling rigs, Casing, Drill pipe, Tubing, Drill collars, Down-hole Tools, Drilling Mud & Chemicals, Cement & Additives, Servicing Lubricants, Casing Fittings, Finishing Tools, Drilling Jars and Service Parts.

Other areas that we can source and supply equipment to are as follows.

Key Services