MPD & PMCD, Underbalance Drilling

Libera Group

The majority of the remaining prospects for hydrocarbon resources will be more challenging to drill than the fields that have been developed over the last 50yrs. Drilling Wells in complex environments with fading technology is not only difficult but can prove to be unsafe.  In the course of well design, several enabling technologies have emerged as saviors from time to time, such as MPD, PMCD and UBD. However these technologies need to be clearly understood to define if they can actually increase your chances to achieve your well objective, or to accomplish it at a lower cost. Also the key drivers for their consideration and application is the same as in any other activity, it needs to be cost- effective and technically feasible.

LIBERA has extensive design and operational experience with MPD, PMCD & UBD. We have utilized these non-conventional technologies to drill onshore wells and offshore wells. LIBERA can boast the fact of having some of the very few industry experts who can use these technologies for drilling offshore deep-water wells from floater units.

Evaluating. Planning. Executing. Training

Our unparalleled underbalanced drilling engineering services cover a broad spectrum, starting from candidate selection and conceptualization, through planning and detailed engineering, to execution of underbalanced drilling projects. We also offer comprehensive training programs in design and pressure control for underbalanced drilling, which includes formal training at basic or advanced levels, as well as on-site personnel training. Our core services are:

  1. MPD, PMCD or UBD Candidate Reservoir Screening & Evaluation
  2. MPD, PMCD or UBD Well Design & Engineering
  3. MPD, PMCD or UBD Project Management
  4. MPD, PMCD or UBD Well Control
  5. MPD, PMCD or UBD Site Supervision
  6. MPD, PMCD or UBD Project Auditing & Peer Review

Our independence and objectivity, coupled with a unique balance of reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and operational experience offers unmatched solutions to underbalanced drilling projects. By using these technologies we have been able to make un-drillable wells possible and to decrease AFE costs by 35%.

Key Services