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A HPHT well requires in-depth planning and special attention is needed in order to mitigate the increased risks and uncertainties for HPHT operations. Complacency in the early planning stages of a HPHT well can have severe implications which has a direct impact on cost and HSE. Key value drivers within a HPHT well are to keep equipment/operations simple and to remove phases that could result in Well Control issues. Allowing sufficient time for planning/preparation is imperative to any HPHT operation.

It is known that a HPHT Well has an increased failure rate to that of a Well in a less volatile environment. The increased failure rate is because a HPHT Well operates at the limit of its pressure, temperature, load, stress and chemical characteristics. The risk of failure is compounded when predictive software tools that are un-calibrated are used which are unsuitable for the environment of a HPHT Well.

LIBERA's team of Chartered Engineers have extensive experience on HPHT Wells Design and Operations globally. LIBERA's services can be engaged at initial planning stage and can continue through to operation execution whether that be on or offshore. In addition to providing a hands on technical alternative, LIBERA can provide training material and deliver workshops relating to all aspects of a HPHT operation.

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