Deepwater Operations

Libera Group

The complexity of Deep-Water Wells and the associated risks/costs are much higher than Shallow Water Wells, making this niche within the drilling discipline one of the most cost sensitive. To keep a Deep-Water project profitable, taking into consideration fluctuating oil prices, each operator needs an experienced team in Deep-Water Operations and Drilling Technology to provide fit for propose engineering solutions associated with cost and efficiency.

LIBERA's team of Chartered Engineers has been involved in the most challenging  deep-water well projects across the globe. Our team has operated in water depths of over 2400m (7900ft), temperatures of 390˚F and drilling over 6.000m (19700ft) below the seabed.

Our experienced team has managed Deep-Water Operations in Brazil, GoM, India and South East Asia where we have been responsible for drilling budgets in excess of $1B. In addition we have accomplished cost reductions on deep-water wells from $100m to $45m. LIBERA's accomplishments are a direct result of having the best People and Lean Procedures. By having experienced personnel reviewing well designs using the latest software, by proposing the use of unconventional technologies and by having a strong operational supervision team, makes LIBERA the Integrated Project Management company of choice.

LIBERA's Well Design experts have experience in API and NORSOK regulation.

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