Corporate Profile

Libera Group

LIBERA Means Deliver

LIBERA is the Latin word for deliver. Our philosophy is to deliver entire projects, not only the parts that we may be accountable for. Our core business therefore, is the provision of Integrated Project Management Services for onshore and offshore drilling projects. We have the capabilities to operate the full spectrum of the O&G drilling campaigns, from planning to execution and from the construction of the well to the production of oil and gas. Our solutions are delivered on a turnkey or collaborative basis for operators requiring assistance from Well Construction to Well Maintenance. Our goal is to deliver results in line with our client’s expectations on Quality, Time, Budget and Safety.

The Beyond HPHT Concept

HPHT is a well-known benchmark in the industry for a high profile project which demands high-level solutions. Our expertise goes BEYOND HPHT as we address the most challenging upstream oil and gas activities:

We provide our clients with complete management, engineering and operations teams that take full responsibility for the design and delivery of oil and gas wells.  We can also deliver tailor made solutions to meet our client’s requirements to complement their in-house expertise or their needs for third party verification as required by the specific challenges of each well.